It's more than a picture.  It's you.

At Campus Photo Studio™ our passion is your spirit.  We are committed to redefine your school photography experience with high quality yearbook photo's and student profile images that tell the story of each student.  Our goal as photographers is to capture more than a picture of you.  We want to actually capture YOU. We believe your school pictures should be a professional high quality image that you can share with family and friends.


We're not taking away what you already know. We're just making it better.

Our professional photographers will take each students yearbook photo and a profile photo during the school's scheduled Yearbook Photo Day. 

We offer school pictures that aren't awkward or embarrassing.  We create high quality images at a very affordable price and provide digital copies, prints and additional options for custom products.  You'll  finally get a school picture we know you're going to love.


It's time for athletes to have something represent them as extreme as they are.  

We're athletes, so let's act like it.  We work hard, we play hard, and we stand for something.  Let's make that known.

DHS Girls Golf 2021-22.jpg

Not only do the players want something better, you do too.  It's an investment. Think about it.  Having epic pictures of your team will increase your exposure.  Increasing exposure will increase interested talent.  Increasing interested talent will increase your winning streak.  It's simple really.


It's time to SHOW off.

Seniors have worked so hard to get this far.  This is their moment to show who they are before they go out to become who they're meant to be.  

Help them celebrate their accomplishments and their uniqueness with the perfect senior photo shoot! 

Campus Grads 2021-80.jpg

High School Graduation only happens once!  Whatever it was you did in High School let's show it off for everyone to see.  

If you were a dancer, let's do some dance pictures!  If you were a musician, bring your instrument or sheet music! 

There is something unique about you, and we want to capture it so you'll always remember who you are now!